Day16/31: Soulical intimacy


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Remember,a human is a spirit,possessing a soul and living in a body.So it’s important for a couple to be intimate at every level and develop their relationship at all the three levels.Yesterday we prayed for intimacy at a spiritual level,today we will focus on the second form of intimacy:the soulical level.

At the soulical level,the two individuals involved have to be able to share their goals in life,their failures,commit to the development of each other’s character,give and receive correction,be free to speak to their partner about anything,make themselves vulnerable to their partner,be available to be a pillar of strength,support and comfort each other in trial times,rejoice together in times of success etc.Pray for such intimacy in your marriage.

Pray that your fh/husband may commit to your personal development and nourish you in all aspects of your life as a woman:intellectually,physically and emotionally.Some men do not want to their wives climbing the success ladder,these are men who do not want to connect at a soulical level,pray against this in Jesus’ name.Pray for a fh/husband who is committed to seeing you grow and become a better person,may his presence in your life bring success not failure.Pray for a fh/husband who is committed to work with you on building each other to become better people.

A healthy relationship produces good fruit in the relationship and also in the lives of the two individuals involved.You must see progress in your life because your spouse will be connecting with you at a soulical level.Pray for your fh/husband so he may be a man who challenges you to go to higher levels,a man who causes to dream bigger and not settle for less,someone who believes in you.

It is also important to pray that your vision fits into his vision.|“Shall two walk together, except they have agreed?”Amos‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭ASV|
Most couples experience di-vision in marriage because there will be two visions in the marriage instead of one.Its important to know that marriage becomes easier when your vision fits into his vision as he takes his headship responsibility.By vision we are talking about your purpose in life.Lets take for example a football team and the players.Your fh/husband is like the team and you are a player in this team.The vision and goal of the team is to win.The players put in their best to help the team win but in the process,they end up being stars and succeeding in their career as footballers.This is what happens when your vision fits into his vision,he wins and you end up being a star hence both of you win-you fulfill your purpose and he fulfills his.This is very important as it matters that you fulfill your purpose on this earth.Your spouse is to help you and not be a hindrance to fulfilling your purpose.Pick out prayer points from this and pray earnestly concerning this.

In every wife are the solutions,ideas and answers to every challenge and question a husband faces in trying to fulfill his purpose.This is why the wife is the helper.This is what it means to be a helper.But in order for the man to receive the help,he has to accept,acknowledge and believe in the helper.If a man looks down upon the helper,he cannot receive the help.This is what the following scripture is describing,|“In the same way you husbands must live with your wives with the proper understanding that they are more delicate than you. Treat them with respect, because they also will receive, together with you, God’s gift of life. Do this so that nothing will interfere with your prayers.”1 Peter‬ ‭3:7‬|

This scripture is deep OMG!God is saying husbands must respect and honour their wives as they are co-heirs and equal with men in the new life found in Christ.It means when a husband views his wife inferior to him,he hinders his prayers.How does he hinder his prayer?Because God knew the husband would pray concerning his vision and purpose in life,he put the answers to the prayers in the wife.Glory to God!God already answered the husband’s prayer by packing the answers in the form of help in the wife.So if he doesn’t honour and respect you,it’s impossible for you to help him.So pray that your fh/husband esteems you and respect you enough to accept your role in his life-being his helper.Pray that he may not look down on your role that he ends up abusing,despising and seeing himself superior to you.Instead may he lift you and bring out the best God put in you and help you fulfill your purpose.

The end.


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