Day11/31: Eros-Sexual love


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Yesterday we prayed about different types of love.Today we are focusing on Eros love.

Eros is sexual love.Sex is anything that is part of love making between two people and that arouses one or both of them.In our society,sex is equated to intercourse,but sex is much more than intercourse.Intercourse is just part of lovemaking.So a couple can have sex without having intercourse.The Bible says do not awaken love until it is time(the time is in marriage).The love being talked about here is eros love.So the Word is not talking about intercourse only but anything you can do that arouses eros love.|“Oh, let me warn you, sisters in Jerusalem: Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe—and you’re ready.”
‭‭Song of Solomon‬ ‭8:4 ‭MSG‬‬|

Although we live in a sex-saturated world where sex is talked about everywhere,on the tv,advertisements etc,much of the discussions of sex are based on dreams, fantasy, and human ideas rather than on truth, reality, and the wisdom of God.Its amazing how the church has contributed very little or nothing concerning sex yet our God is the One who designed it.We should be the ones who are able to speak confidently and wisely about sex than any other.Why are discussions on sex such a taboo in the church?Is it because of being shy,confused,ignorant,religious or taking sex as a non-spiritual subject?As believers let’s find the truth and be the ones to spread the truth on sex from the manual.Pray that you and your fh/husband may see sex as holy and clean as God sees it in marriage.Pray that you may desire to find the truth concerning this subject as a couple.

The subject of sex has been greatly misunderstood and one major misconception is that sex and love are inseparable.It is very important to note that love can exist without sex and in this world,sex can occur without love.So sex and love are not dependent on each other.Within the boundaries of marriage established by God,sex is an intimate and beautiful expression of love,but sex by itself is not love.Unlike true love-agape,eros love is completely sensual.It’s based on feelings and therefore rises and falls as feelings do.Pray that you and your fh/husband may not base your marriage on eros love.May you base your marriage on a constant and unconditional love,Agape.May your fh/husband value you and see you beyond eros love.May he be committed to you.

Pray that you don’t look at sex as a non-spiritual subject.It is very spiritual within the limits set by God.Many believers feel uncomfortable and feel it’s a taboo to understand this subject.But what’s wrong with understanding the subject of sex from the Word itself?The reason why sex is greatly misunderstood and abused in this world is because we the believers,are not open to talk about what God says about sex.We also end up using principles of the world when dealing with the sex subject instead of principles on the Word thus there is no difference between the believers and non-believers.Start looking for answers on this subject from the Word.Be free to study and know what the Word says about it.Even for single ladies,study and show yourself approved,a workman that need not to be ashamed.2 Timothy 2.15.People perish because of lack of knowledge,lack of knowledge doesn’t only mean not having the knowledge,it could also mean having the wrong knowledge.Many unmarried young people are having sex,they think it’s cool because they don’t have the right information about it(they have information from the world) and because they never studied about it from the manual.Today,make the decision to start finding the truth and be set free from the world’s view of sex.If you are having sex and you are not yet married,study on this subject from the Word and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand.Once you get an understanding from the Word,once you know the truth,you’ll be set free.Get in the habit of studying the Word yourself and stop listening to people who condemn you.You are forgiven and if your heart condemns you,know that God is greater than your heart.God delights in showing mercy and mercy triumphs over judgment.

Appropriate and truly fulfilling sexual expression can occur only within the careful and specific limits God established in marriage.Outside marriage,there is trouble,guilt,shame,rejection,fear,sorrow,disappointment and heartache.Within the marriage,with the the limits established by God of one husband and one wife devoted to each other-there is great freedom,flexibility and joy.Pray against boredom,a monotonous sex life in your marriage,just because you are Christians doesn’t mean you should be tied down to a certain way thinking about sex.Pray that you may come out of the religious box and be able to enjoy the gift of sex in marriage. Why do we associate sex with dirt?Where does the mindset of thinking sex is dirty even in a marital context come from?These all come from the world’s view of sex and not the manual.Look,For Paul to write on the subject of sex and he was single,it shows that what he was writing was plainly by revelation.The Holy Spirit,yes the Holy Spirit who was revealing these things to him.The Holy Spirit is our helper even in understanding a widely misunderstood subject,sex.Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand what the Word says on the subject of sex.Dont be shy to ask God questions,don’t be too religious to think it’s sin to want to understand the subject of sex.Sister,this is the truth that’s lacking in the body of Christ.Make a decision today to bring down those strongholds and pray that the Holy Spirit help you understand this.It is time for the church to start providing the right information about sex to the whole world.It’s all there in the manual.Pray that you and your fh/husband may understand this and pray you may be free from worldly wisdom concerning sex and start viewing sex as God views it.

Note well that Eros love alone is selfish and interested in personal gratification and not concerned with the other person.Alone,it is a sexual desire that’s out of control.A person driven by eros alone sees their partner as nothing more than a sex object.Pray that you and your spouse may see yourselves beyond eros love and that you may balance all the love types in your marriage with the base of Agape love.

The end.


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