Day 8/31: Setting the love life priority right


If you’ve noticed,we prayed about the base/skeleton of a good marriage.This week we will be focusing on love.So we will dig right into it by setting the right love priority that will make your marriage work.Your prayer for today for your fh/husband is that he gets his love life in the right order. What is the proper order for love?First,it’s learning to love God with everything that’s in you.Secondly,it’s learning to love yourself.If you don’t know how to love God,you will never know how to love yourself and you cannot love your neighbor as yourself until you learn to love yourself.This is made clear in Matthew‬ ‭22:37-39‬ |“He replied, ” You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: You must love your neighbor as you love yourself.”‬|.Note very well that unless your fh/husband understands God’s love for Him,spends time cultivating and developing a personal relationship with the Father,he cannot learn to love himself and cannot love you sacrificially like Christ loved the church.So pray that your fh/husband may cultivate his personal relationship with Christ and let God teach him how to love himself and only then can he know to develop proper love with you. Pray against idolization in your marriage.Couples may start idolizing their marriage or each other and exclude God as the centre of their marriage and their lives.God should be your fh/husband’s number one then you.May he love God more than he loves you,may he put God before you. Pray for yourself too for those who are married.You may have put your husband before God and valued him more than you value God.Pray that the Holy Spirit may help you set the love priority right. For those not yet married,pray that you may know you are complete in Christ.You don’t need a husband to make you whole.Pray that you may not idolize marriage to the point that you don’t have joy as a single person.You shouldn’t be looking forward to marriage to bring you joy,you should be full of joy now and go into marriage with that understanding.Pray that your future husband may know he is complete in Christ and doesn’t need you to be complete. For those who desire to be married but have passed the age they were planning to get married.This may be hard time for you as you may start feeling lonely but spend more and more time with God so you don’t end up looking for a mate in order to feel whole.Spend time with God and let him teach you how to love yourself so you can also love your future husband in the proper order.May this waiting time not make you idolize marriage and may it not make you desire a husband more than you desire God. It is very important for those not yet married to not just pray and not put themselves out to be found by their mates.You sure cannot pray and not act on your prayers.In other words,watch and pray,a good man may pass because you are just waiting for the ‘perfect one’.Remember these prayers are not for getting a perfect husband for there is no such.These prayers help you position yourself for a good marriage and help us get into marriage with the right attitude and motive having studied the manual.We are not praying for perfect men but for men with whom we will be able to be helpers. Pray that your fh/husband may understand the Father’s love for him.May the Holy Spirit enlighten the eyes of his heart to see how much God loves him.God loves him so much and he is pleased with him.Its when a man understands the love of God for him that he gets to walk in life with confidence and have high self esteem,with all these flowing from his relationship with Christ. The end.


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