Creation of a Woman


GEN 2:18,22-23

While HOW a woman was created has never been questioned,  the WHY she was created after man, and what this means, has always fascinated me due to the amount of verbal fracas it always causes when the story of the creation of mankind comes up. Today I want to explore what the possible answer could be.

The Lord took the rib of a man to create a woman… this undoubtedly means that part of the woman is derived from,  and simply is,  a man.  I mean even the name we flaunt around so proudly is partly man (woMAN).  This essentially means, well to me atleast,  that the completion of a man is in a woman and the foundation of a woman is a man. I would like to call it my “completion-foundation” theory.

Let us look at the “completion” aspect first.  When God looked at man he was not satisfied with leaving man alone so he decided to make him a ‘well-suited helper’. He then went on to remove a rib from the man to create a woman.  Some say he removed the ribs because they are in the middle of the body to show that man and woman must meet 50-50,  personally I don’t really know so I will leave it for you to decide.  All I knew is God took SOMETHING from man that He had initially thought necessary for man to have on his person.  What this something is,  I don’t know all I know is it was moved from man to woman.  This doesn’t mean the man suddenly didn’t need this ‘something’,  for we all know God would never create anything useless,  it just means God saw woman as a better designed to carry it.  Man instinctively still wants what was removed,  and I presume that’s why society believes that a man needs a woman by his side.  I’m also guessing that’s why women are so influential in building,  or destroying,  a man.

Now moving on to the “foundation” idea,  which I know some ladies will not accept as easily as the “completion” idea.  In order to understand a woman one must understand the men in her life. Deny it and fight it though we may try there is no denying- it’s a man’s world and women just “decorate” it.  Simply put women have been,  will be and can be because men are- they are the foundation upon which women are built. It probably sounds derogatory to many but that’s because many do not understand the power and significance of decorations. Ask an interior designer and they will be better equipped to explain how they do that.

Let me help you put it in context- if the world was a house the men would be the structure- foundation,  floors,  walls,  roof; plain,  simple and useless, in a way. I mean even a room built to be a kitchen cannot really be called a kitchen until it has all the kitchen appliances,  neither can a shower be called a shower without any tiles,  shower head,  sink, and everything else we need in a shower to make it fully functional.  At the same time a bunch of kitchen appliances or shower material in a shop cannot make the shop a kitchen or a bathroom.  The idea of the power of interior decor can be as simple as the difference between painting a room black or white. Or by looking at different shades of blue, how each hue can give the room completely different atmospheres.  Such is a woman,  a subtle,  yet powerful way to change a man, to change the world.

Growing up people always said I looked like my older brother,  it used to annoy me because no girl wants to be told she looks like a guy.  However one day I turned to one of these people,  smiled sweetly and said “God realized that to create the beauty that is me he needed to create a draft first so he made my brother.“ It was only recently that the same can be said to explain why woman was created after man. I may not be my brother’s missing rib but I’d like to believe that I’m someone else’s rib.  Just as I’m tis special someone’s rib, I can say he is my true blueprint- meaning when we become one everything he is I am that and more,  the bad included. So the more his achieves after we meet,  the more I too will be achieving because simply put we will be a reflection of each other (except I will be the 4D if he is 3D lol). Even Myles Monroe acknowledged this when he called women “incubators”- he knew that anything a man can do, or provide a woman will upgrade and amplify it.

All this does bring to light the fact that without man woman is incomplete,  or even totally nonexistent.  Without man woman simply becomes “Wo” or rather “Who?”. Truth be told we women are usually reactors to what men say and do to us yet men just seem to act any which way they decide.  Even Feminism is a reaction to the unfair political,  economic,  social and religious standards set by men, for women,  to suite te men. Had men never manipulated all these factors Feminism wouldn’t be necessary because the equality we fight for today wouldn’t be necessary.  

Actually what I have learn’t is that the fact that man is the foundation of woman is woman’s greatest advantage though. It simply means that everything they are we are that too, and more.  That’s why a woman’s influence on a man is much stronger than a man’s influence on a woman.  Often to get to a man you simply have to go through his favorite woman,  it can be his wife,  sister,  girlfriend,  daughter or whatever and yet to get to a woman you have to go through a close person,  male or female doesn’t really matter, it just differs from woman to woman.  Women and men are just wired differently this way.

Just as man can be considered the core of woman,  woman is most definitely the missing part of man. It’s easy for a woman to grasp and understand men because,  in essence,  she is part man but for a man to understand her it’s difficult because she was created to be more,  and is more.  This is why being a woman must never be taken lightly it’s a gift that yields great power.  But we must remember that with great power comes great responsibility.


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